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Friends Only!

My journal is now Friends Only It works like every other FO Livejournal!

Check my profile and see if we have something in common ^^ Comment this entry to be added If you're here for my graphics, you can go to coloresvivos, my brand new comm , only my old graphics will stay visible here or at my old comm edge_of_the_art ;)

GoT - Khaleesi

Cardwar : a Game of Thrones icon battle


Here are (so far) the participants for the battle:

More participants are welcome but will have to use the provided caps.

The consensus is on icons and caps.

Here are the 20 caps. You now have 20(ish) days to post your icons. Comments are now screened to get a big revelation :)
Due date : September 10

larmay's caps

mark_pierre's caps

kirtash_girl's caps

breaded_fish's caps

GoT - Khaleesi

My layout is a fake tree

Hi guys!

I needed some changes... again! After fighting with my linguistics yesterday, I started to fight with my dear friend LJ XD
At the beginning, I wanted an other layout but when I saw this one, I was convinced! So thanks to velvetb0x  for the beautiful layout!
And, yeah, Twilight/New Moon, that seemed pretty obvious to me... ^__^
So drop a line, let me know what you think about that x)

Alsooooooo, there's a bunch of people who have been friending me lately... So please, guys, introduce you here and I'll know who you are and maybe friend you back ^^
If you friended me for my graphics, join edge_of_the_art  instead ;)


That's all folks, still 5 days before I go to Nice for my exam!

GoT - Khaleesi

New layout ^__^


Again a new layout! The last one didn't stay here a lot, I wasn't totally satisfied...
This layout is by harbourlight @ mybluesky and again, I made a few modifications :)
Header is as always by me XD It's from the movie The Fall with Lee Pace. I totally loved this movie and I highly recommend it to you!! *__*
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